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A cordial welcome!

My name is Edgar Gamb

Since 1970 I am collecting Liebig Trade Cards, Commercial Trade Cards and Collector Card Albums. I am also interested in Stereophotography and I collect Books with Stereograms published by Otto Schönstein and Brandmüller and Books with 3-D-Pictures made with the Anaglyphic Process.
Furthermore Books with the following issues: Travelling, Former Colonies, Ethnology and Contemporary History as well as Books containing Chromolithography.
On my new homepage I would like to present to you an extract of my collection.

The main area of my collection are these beautiful timeless masterpieces called Liebig Trade Cards.
My desire is to collect preferably all the different cards, which have been published in the different countries.
Most of the early editions have only been published in France and especially here are the biggest gaps within my collection.

At the same time I would like to use my page to make new contacts to exchange or buy Liebig Trade Cards, Collector Card Albums and Books.

This page will be filled more and more within the next weeks and month and show you always new informations for all topics mentioned.

I will be pleased about every contact and especially about offers from your side if you like to sell or exchange parts of your collection.


The first Liebig Trade Cards have been published in Paris around 1875 when the Liebig Extract Company established its own advertising agency there. Their predecessors are the so called "Stuhlbilder" (since 1874) - small, colorful imprinted cards - with a decent promotional overprint - which you received as a receipt when using a rented chair or bench in one of the Parisian parks.
The first Liebig Trade Cards have been printed in series of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12 - and in one case of 24 - pieces, but have been given away mostly as single piece. The emission of complete series probably started in 1880. From now on a complete series mostly consisted of 6 pieces with a size of 105 up to 110 x 70 mm. Until 1930 the white, glassy extract-pot with the Liebigs sign on it has been a must-have on all pictures.

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